[Solved] Avgas service disabled as trucks not recognized


Created bug report for it just a moment ago. Upon every game load my AVGAS service is disabled. When I hover over the option in the Overview it highlights AVGAS trucks prerequisite in red (as missing) despite having 2 of them and using them extensively before. Usually closing and reopening of the depot works.

Not sure if it affects other vehicle services as I have not enabled them yet in this game.

Thanks for looking into it.


I have the same problem with A1, catering, cleaning, push back trucks … not recognizing I have them after the latest experimental patch last nigh

So the DEPOT it is… Evil depot… Thanks.

Have the same problem. Already reported, looks like it’ll be patched in the next update. Probably tomorrow.

It was patched in the update today. in the meantime, close your parking structures.

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yes working correctly now :smile:

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Correct, this has now been fixed! :slight_smile: