[solved] Airside Shuttle Bus Stop Positioning

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it would be grate to place an airside shuttle bus stop below a terminal foundation.
You have an airplane stand connected via bridge to the upper terminal level. now i want to use the ground floor to board passenger for external airplane stands. As the connected stand must be directly connected to the terminal there is no space to place a bus stop.

If it would be possible to place an upper terminal foundation above a bus stop / airside service car stop the problem is solved.

it can also be defined that an overhang is possible up to 2 tiles of the floor below.

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You can do this. Only thing you need to do, in the area where you want to place your bus stop, build no foundation.


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I tried … but then i can’t build a foundation on the first floor to connect the gate beside the busstop to the terminal.

Busstop it self must be outside. You can see this on my screenshot. Terminal foundation is around the busstop. On upper floor you can drag over busstop area. Only thing what needed is, that on your last drag tile a foundation is present.

From your user name you are german?


[quote=“da_fisch, post:4, topic:13644”]
From your user name you are german?
[/quote] That’s correct :wink:

Ok thank you i will give it another try this weekend.

I have done this in one of my airports I built the parking bus taxi etc first underground built some stairs then added foundation on floor above if you want terminal and bus stop on the same tile, you cant and could just delete walls

Gut, dass machts dann nochmal einfacher.

Am einfachsten ist es wenn du an den Stellen, an denen du die Bushaltestelle oder den Servicecar Stop möchtest das Terminalfundament weg lässt. Anschließend ziehst du deine 2 Ebene einfach darüber. Es muss nur an der Endstelle, also da wo du hinziehst eine Terminalkachel sein.
Alternativ kannst du auch nachträglich im Erdgeschoss einfach das Terminal wieder abreißen.

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You are absolut right.
building foundation on lower and upper level - after that destroying foundation in the lower level works fine.
The other way i couldn’t try.

For me this topic is solved.

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