[Solved] Airplane stand blocked / deadlock situation


I’m on the last missions of the tutorial. It seems that one of my remote airplane stands is locked in a deadlock situation: the stand is occupied by a plane and it claims that it’s not connected to a security gate. The corresponding boarding gate couldn’t be connected to the bus stop because the stand is occupied. Therefore, I also can’t destroy it or take any other actions :frowning:

Attached are pictures of the whole airport as well as the boarding gates and the affected airplane stand.

I can’t provide an exact way to reproduce it, the situation came up when replacing manual boarding gates with automatic ones. Any ideas how to solve it?


Dismiss the aircraft. When you click on the stand and see the the attachment and repair buttons the button that is green with a plane on it with a x over everything is the dismiss button.

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ARGL That was it - the only button I never clicked :man_facepalming:
Thank you.