[SOLVED] [ACEO-41717] Passengers not coming to airport but leaving bus station and going straight to subway


I’ve send a bug Log in with Atlassian account and it has been set as “User error”.

Could you examine please which errors exactly did I made there?

This bug is happening to me several times on several different game saves and it’s broking whole game. I don’t know what exactly should be fixed on my side to make it not happen again.



Welcome to the forum. I checked the save. It is a combination of things leading to a backlog but mostly the lack of transportation for passengers. We have in the new experimental version added a warning for this so “user error” might not be entirely correct here. But the reason they leave is because their check-in is already closed. For example here:

And the reason the desk is closed is because no passenger made it to the airport within the specified time.

Subway can only disembark a fixed number of passengers per minute. If you build a few more bus-, taxi- and car-stops as well as make sure your airport has enough check in desks (at least 1 per stand). Then it should clear itself. :slight_smile:


Thank you Fredrik for great job and your answer.

So you think that I have only to put more bus/taxi stations and it should be fixed automatically?

I was just afraid because there are several check-in desks available and nobody is coming. All the people who comes by buses just go straigh into subway and it happens all the time. Even when I’m cancelling flights and making them go “just in time”.

Okay Fredrik, I’ve checked it and it’s working. Thank you a lot for your time and great game! :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks :slight_smile: Yes it is an effect of the logic. When passengers arrive, the do a number of checks for example flight is not cancelled etc. one of those is to verify check-in is completed. I can definitely understand why it seems like a bug so from now on the player will receive a warning stating that passengers are forced to leave due to check-in already closed and prompting them to build more transfer structures.


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