[Solved] Absurd Operation costs

Hi, I’m experiening incredibly high operation costs making the game unplayeble. It happend in multiple games where i was getting 300.000+ operating cost per hour with a small regional airport (7 small stands) (i tried to make a new one and start from scratch and after about ten minutes the operating costs skyroketed, making me go bankrupt).Right now, the costs are “manageble” so I’m not experiencing the same problem but are rising every game day without any changes in the airport which to make makes no sense.
I’ve calculated manually the operation costs and i came up with 2852, i don’t know if this is hourly or daily, but still it doesn’t corrispond to what i’m seeing in the economy report. 61780 the previous day, and 63475 today…

There’s a bug causing this. Fredrik did explain.

Should be solved and deployed already, check Steam for new updates.


Thank you, it’s fixed now

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