[solved] 3 runways not fully used - why?

I’m having 3 arrival runways on my airport, so IMO there should 3 planes be able to land at the same time.

But that never happens. At least one of 3 is delayed.

sometimes only two or three minutes, but often more than 10/15.

And when planning 9 flights to three slots (eg: 3x 6:10, 3x 6:20, 3x 6:30) delay of at least 2, mostly 3, planes (1 from each slot) is massive, minimum 30 minutes, often more, up to 1 hour…

Of course, some times planes arriving late, but normally not 33%…

And when watching all the landings, I’ve never seen all 3 runways used at the same time.

So for me it looks like any code-limitation…?

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Do they all land at the same rwy, or do they land on all 3?

Anyway, I would recomend 1 for landing, 1 for take off and one for both.

When I created this post, I never saw more then 2 planes landing at the same time. They used all 3 runways, but only alternating.

But meanwhile this behaviour changed, now all 3 runways are used :slight_smile:

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Good to read that this issue is solved! Closing topic now :smiley:

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