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Hi folks,

first time I post here and just downloaded the game last weekend. Must say that it is so far the best Airport Management game I have seen since the mid-90’s. I work in the aviation industry myself and must say that the community here is having very good ideas. And kudos to the developers for allowing such active participation.

I searched the forum first, but could not really find anything that is about the idea I have.

In real life airports spend a lot of money to optimize its operations through the use of software and by training their staff to become better at what they do.

I guess the same concept should be in the game as well.

There should be various software systems that an airport could buy via the procurement tab. Each software has a positive effect on the airport operation. But each software also costs an initial amount of money (depedent on the quality of the software and how much effectiveness it adds) and an hourly fee.

Examples could be:

  • Workforce Management Tool → Less staff required to perform more flights/check-in operations, etc.
  • Airport Operations Tool → Baggage load/unload is quicker, boarding process can be quicker, etc.
  • Hub Management Tool → Player has more/better options to plan flights automatically (e.g. certain gates for certain airlines only [once it should be implemented in the game]).

Staff Training / Qualifications
An airport is a very complex business where staff requires qualifications for almost everything and where qualifications also must be kept current. It would be nice to have a training facility that can be built and where staff can be trained and get better at the qualifications they have (e.g. a friendliness course), or even learn an additional qualification (e.g. ramp manager and airport staff).

Both items would add a certain depth, especially at a later stage of a game. A CEO can dig deeper in his organization and try to improve the operations of an airport as much as possible.




Welcome to the community JW! Always good to have inside information from people who work in the business :+1: :wink:

I like those ideas! I believe staff training has been discussed before but AFAIK is not yet part of the feature request list. The software options are also a good idea and can bring more depth to the game, this can be related to the research feature request, as a lot of stuff can be put into that.

I would say make them both feature requests and let people vote for them.

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Can this be moved to the feature voting thread by a moderator, having the good staff be obviously good and the bad staff be bad but have a means by which to change that should be a big part of the airport management. The ability to make obvious different equipment with a range of purchase and upgrade option would also be great. Id vote for it, but maybe not as a priority

Oh, this we need! so many employees that you have to mass hire due to growth / hire ratio problems would be really qualified to be trained up.

When you have to hire 80 ramp agents, and this guy starts working this week… :smiley:


I agree Or options
One. Staffing contracts like the construction workers…Hire a company let them worry about the rest.
Two. Let the HR handle all hiring that is why they get the desk and big bucks.
Three. Training to improve those red marks.

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