So a car is stuck, like really stuck

So I have a car stuck while trying to park. The Parking is occupied as I try to remove it, but the car isn’t really on it.
So this is what I tried;

  • Reload old save, but is was already stuck there.
  • Save and Reload
  • Clear road nodes
  • Remove road and rebuild
  • Shutdown parking
  • Remove parking(this was impossible because it says its occupied)

Any suggestions? I’ve reported the bug.

I’ve uploaded the save:

I think I can edit the .json files, but not sure what to edit… :sweat_smile:

try and use the f10 menu and reset the vehicle path

What did you name the bug when you filed it?

That’s what I did with clearing the road nodes.

But well, all seems to be over now, I just kept on building and I save a couple of times(New savefile), car was still stuck. Had to close the game to do some photoshopping, reloaded it and the car started moving, there where like 2 cars in each other. No clue why this reload works actually… Now the old save file also works, pretty strange, but closing the game seems to be working, instead of just reloading the save.

I called it “car stuck on parking” or something like that, but that’s useless know I guess.

Will check it out!