Snow Plows and Snow Effect on Runway

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Snow Plows and Snow Effect on Runway


Snow will have more effects in game. Player airport requires snow plows to plow the snow out of runway during winter times. Plowing taxiways would cause more trouble to gameplay so this suggestion should be stay within runways only.

  • Like how it is on annual temperature, latitude of your airport has effect on amount of snowy days player gets. On equator, you get zero snowy days.
  • During gameplay, snow piles up on runway and after a point runway becomes unusable (like how runway repair works)
  • User could select to plow a runway before piled up snow reaches to the critical point.
  • Snow plows park on vehicle parking lot or vehicle depot. During plowing operation they drive to runway via service road or taxiway.
  • Small runway requires 3, medium requires 5 and large requires 7 snow plow vehicles. They plow the runway right next to each other.
  • During snow plow, runway is unusable. So other flights have to use other runways or have to hold.
  • After snow plow, vehicles park at their parking lot or vehicle depot to wait the next plow operation.

Side note: This development can be used for other features such as;

  • Runway check: Service vehicle goes to runway via service road or taxiways > close down runway for some amounth of time > service vehicle drives along whole runway > at the end vehicle exits runway and drives back to the parking lot.
  • Runway repair (which is currently a mouse click): Same as runway check but with heavy equipment and longer closure time. Maybe construction vehicles such as concrete mixer, asphalt truck and some dump trucks could be brought from outside world (like garbage trucks). When their job is done they leave airport area (like garbage trucks)

Why it should be implemented:

Realism :sunglasses:

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Bunch of pictures from Google

Great idea!
We should definetly get those snow plows and runway inspection cars//drones (–> research?!) for runway checks after incidents. After the inspection those should decide if the runway can be used or needs to be repaired.
What I really like about this game, is sitting back and just watching the aircraft, people and movements. I really like how the different apects of the game effect each other and work together. Therefore I would really like to see even more interdependencies, movements and details to watch!

Greetings Leon


+1, run out of votes…

edit: removed one for this


I wonder the devs actually will overhaul the weather to make it more realistic. I really would like snow plows, heat and such to have an effect, but it’d be immersion breaking to be needing de-icing and snow plows in the tropics.


Would be excellent. Weather overhaul does have a Trello ticket.


Weather overhaul would be great as would it’s impact on things like when de icing is called for and different de icing fluids.

However I may be unpopular with this opinion but i would like some of the game stability addressed and pathing, and some challenges added into the game first and have something as big as a weather overhaul as a separate DLC in the future so you have the option of playing with all the weather features or not


AI path issues? Nah…

Looks over at JFK snow piles
Oh… Yeah u right

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Top secret snow plow footage!



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