SNA Re-creating baggage system

Click through the images in full screen to see the connection of my baggage system. Each image will line up with the floor above/below. There are 4 sets of 3 images… First image of each set is top floor and then goes down to bottom floor.

Set 1: Zoomed out to see most of all 3 Terminals. Floor 1, 0, -1
Set 2: Left side (Terminal A) Floor 1, 0, -1
Set 3: Middle (Terminal B) Floor 1, 0, -1
Set 4: Right side (Terminal C) Floor 1, 0, -1

Set 1 (Zoomed out)

#Set 2 (Terminal A)

Set 3 (Terminal B)

Set 4 (Terminal C)


It’s a beautiful airport.

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still a work in progress will upload when I’m all done, but thank you :slight_smile:

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Ya, I’ve been watching the progress over on discord. I hope that you can upload all the stickers and shops you used in this airport as one pack.

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yup I will include the stickers in a folder and I will upload the airport as well as the contracts for everything I made specific to this airport (fuel, franchises, contractors, catering, banks etc.) And if I get to saving some templates I will also group those into a workshop collection for everyone to “sub all” too so that those who want to make the airport themselves (non sandbox) can do so. I will also try to upload the Gimp Layered file of the airport plan that will include Runway, Taxiway, Stand, Road, Terminal layout to aide in the building of the airport. :slight_smile:

Glad you are enjoying it :slight_smile: Its been real fun to make. SNA has 2 international gates but ill let those who want to update the airport to include international Medium stands to do so on their own. Ill keep all the gates non international for the upload.

that will give anyone that wants to renovate for international something fun to do.

Freakin’ amazing. Congrats.

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Is this up on Workshop yet? I’d love to take a look!

I’m having some issues with uploading the mods/businesses (they aren’t fully completed yet either). They won’t load to the workshop. Weird cuz they work on my computer. But maybe there are too many and I need to spit into 2 or multiple mods??? Haven’t had time to look unto it yet. Im working on it.


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