Small Stands When Renamed Disappear from Scheduling and Security

I had 5 small stands all working fine with aircraft coming and going. I had a rush of blood to my head and decided to name them One to Five so I might have more clarity in the Scheduler. It now says they dont have security but it is clearly linked to each Stand and the Boarding Desk to the Stands. They are no longer in the Scheduler. I have turned off EVERYTHING and turned it back on again. I have deleted security and rebuilt it and it shows the same as previously, that it is connected to the Stands.

Can you provide a few screenshots of the airport, with zones enabled and focusing on the area of the security check-points and stands?

Do you realize the scheduler lists Stands from A to Z? Maybe they just moved location in the scheduler list.

I reloaded for the screenshots and the problem is gone. They were the only stands in game, and they showed a different series of connections to now. Previously, it said there was no security connection but showed the blue line connecting the security to the Stand. To see the boarding desk connection you had to click on it separately. There was no option to join the Stands to anything. Now, there is the Security and Boarding Desk connections displayed at the same time whenever I click on the Stand. Everything is working properly after the reload. I didnt have anything running in the background. I was going to do a file check today but not now. I have renamed a Stand and cant duplicate the problem. Iā€™m sorry if I have wasted your time.

I did it again. I didnt rename anything this time, I just tried to add more security check points but it bugged on me so I deleted them but it still didnt work.

Screenshot with zones enabled please :wink:

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That wont show anything. They were correct. The floor areas indicate different security, except for the blue loo in the bottom left corner of the departure zone, it is also in a security area.
I have saved it to start a new game and the old one when loaded doesnt have the problem, same as the new name problem. Thank you for your help though.

I also have Sandbox mode not working. The total money goes down. I have done a file check with Steam and their are no errors.

The money does go down in sandbox mode, it will just not penalise you for going in the red.

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Thanks Stu.

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