Small stands not being used at all by airlines

*playing on most recent update of the steam version

Hello fellow airport ceo players,

I noticed, that even after continous days and weeks of serving several airlines (all between 30-100% satisfaction), none of them would offer small plane contracts effectively rendering my 10+ small stands useless. Medium plane contracts are offered heavily, though.

My small stands fulfill all requirements for commercial use.

  • no orange or red notification at the sides
  • small airplanes are allowed at my runways

Switching between manual flight planner and auto didn’t solve the problem.

Do you have an idea what might cause this problem?
If I got it right, all airlines should offer small and medium plane contracts.

Thanks in advance!

If they appear in the flight planner, that means they work. In the top right corner of the flight planner, you should see a slider with percentages. This allows you to set how much percent of small and medium planes you want the airline to offer. So try increasing the percentage of small planes a little bit.

No small aircraft contracts are being offered. I already tried adjusting the relation-slider in the top right with no effect :confused:

Well if that’s the case I guess you should submit a bug report.

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I’m getting hundreds of small aircraft flights.

Not every airline works with small flights. For now only CLM, Forest Air, Goose Wings, FlyPenguin, Havana, Maple, SkyFly, Stripe Air, Skylink and Trinity Aviation.

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