Small Stand Will Not Release Flight, ACEO-21640

A Small Stand will not release a flight. When this first happened, I had several flights scheduled for the stand. I had to edit GameData.json to manually remove them all. I then had the contractors remove the stand and rebuild it. I limited new flights to a single flight. The problems reappeared. Note that the stand shows OPEN status. The “Dismiss Aircraft” button does nothing. I even tried limiting flights to just Goose Wings. I cannot close the stand, because it thinks there’s still a flight attached to it.

However, when I built stands after this one (including after the time the problem first happened), those stands operated correctly.

I reported this as bug ACEO-21640. It is related to an earlier bug report I submitted, when I believed it was just the flight, not the stand.


I am on the EXPERIMENTAL branch. I’ve never had this problem occur previously through numerous playthroughs.
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I have to be careful what I say here because when I previously indicated a bug, Fredrik told me, “Quit complaining”.

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