Small Runway Ramp Entrance Pirouette

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This problem isn’t dire, but it is killing the realism for me. No matter where I put the entrance ramp to a small runway, all small planes do that silly spin after they get on the end of the runway from the entrance ramp to line up for take off.

Are others having this problem? If not, where do you put the entrance ramp? I have used the perpendicular entrance flush with the end, 1, and 2 tiles down the runway and all the small planes still do the pirouette as they line up on the runway for take off. This only happens with small planes on small runways.


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I sat and watched all planes departing with this configuration.

And from my observation I can definitely say it depends on plane model.
For planes LJ75, WT90 and PIPERCUB this silly spin issue happens every time.
For planes PA28, CESSNA182, SF50 and BARON58 it happened zero times.

Same happens with this medium runway configuration.

Yes, I’ve noticed this as well and I agree it breaks the immersion every time.

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Drop a bug report with the affected models. I think this should not be a big thing to fix in the current cycle

Am I right @Olof :wink:


I filed a report, but I got error 413 zip file too large.

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If you can, file the report on a smaller test airport showcasing the problem.

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I have found this issue with runways which run left-to-right, but not on runways which run right-to-left…

That’s really really strange I guess?

I just tried this and it is true. It seems that orientation is based on the initial direction the screen is facing when the scenario starts. Rotating the camera does not fix this, only original construction.

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@foxxygaucho Could you bug report it and send the bug report code here, please?

And would be perfect if someone could have a look at it, @Olof. Thanks!

I’m trying to replicate it on a smaller field. My airport where the error is occurring is too big of a save file to error report.


Would love a bug report on a small airfield where this is happening, we need to look at the performance data of the device on which it occurs so that we can see what is truly going on.

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I’ve bug reported it. I don’t know the bug report number, though. Bug report name is same as the name of this topic.

Did you recieve the bug report?

Here is my build with the issue.

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