Small cafe not being manned

I put this small cafe in the check-in area to satisfy the PAXs desire for eating before they check in, and found it eased the pressure on the departure area cafe for its first day of operation.

On the second day and every day since then (this is day 4, now) it has been unmanned with the displayed symbol. I can’t get any info on the cafe by right- or left-clicking on the cafe area. Tried save/reload, and after a delete/reinstall of whole game to try and resolve another issue, is still happening.

Any ideas?

I’ve bug-reported it, ACEO-29710.

OK, found the problem. The food room went AWOL.

I did set it up, I didn’t subsequently delete it, so what is the issue?

Looking a bit further into it, I now have two contracts for Hilltop Cafe on my contracts screen.

The first, signed on Day 1 of Year 2 was obviously very quickly completed, but why did this not continue on to the end of the contract period. Looks like the room was deleted instead.

The second, is the current one, which is working OK now.

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Good to hear it is working again and good you reported it. A36 will have an overhaul of the contract system.

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