Small airport? (will be growing)

Small can sometimes be better, right?

Gave a go at building the smallest finctional airport I could and came up with the below. Sure, there are likely a few places I could trims some fat, but I wanted to keep at least two gates and keep a realistic aspect to it.

Thoughts and suggestions?


Great job! I like it. Maybe implement baggage handling next for realism?

I was planning to expand to 4 small gates, add another small security stand, and check ins, but again keep it small. Long term plan is to expand into a new facility to support 2 medium stands with baggage, and then hopefully the multi-level update drops and I start playing with that on the next planned, the 3rd rebuild.

I’m going to try to do something smaller with 2 commercial stands and bagging

send me luck

I forgot the most important, nice airport

Thank you. I am playing on the hardest setting as well, so as you can see it has taken until year 4 just to have a terminal, and I dont have a loan! It’s taken some time.

I suppose on the addition I’ll add some executive offices sonI can have a procurement director for jet A1 and pave the stands for 2 star flights for some more $$$.

Here is my progress

Really nice airport. Baggage bay’s itself is bigger than terminal :rofl:

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Wow, you went BARE necessities there, haha. I wanted the realism still, this secure/unsecure and separate sex bathrooms, still have staff room, etc…

This is really nice and reminded me of Wangerooge airport, an island airport, which even had only one stand.

that is true LOL

Ahhh it reminded me my first small airport from first days of AirportCEO :blush:


it’s very similar now that I realize


Here is the new expansion completed. Tried to do as little work as possible and kept the airort open and functioning the whole time between the new gates being completed and the actual walls coming down to open that portion.

And here is the entire airport now. I paved everything except the GA stands, added some extra stands to help offset those lost by the terminal expansion, and gave the AvGas100 truck a better parking spot. Also added JetA1 fuel for the commercial stands.

Still no loans as well. Entirely self-financed on hardest difficulty. Next expansion will be an entirely new terminal for two medium stands with baggage services, not sure yet though.


With the new content, I have restarted this and will update when the terminal at the new airport is completed, but I would expect it to be fairly similar with small tweaks and a slightly better initial layout that will aide in long term expansion better. Currently waiting for the aircraft taxiway bug to be repaired so everything flows properly again.


Can’t wait to see it! :wink:

Please do an update @slayer320

After a long wait, an update. With 35 dropping, I started from scratch. Ran with a paved surface from the beginning and built a 10x10 airport with airlock style entrances, which are common in the area this airport is based out of in Central MN. Expansion soon involves two more gates and basic baggage system, but staying with a single level floor design to save on costs. This would be the last expansion in this terminal before the medium sized terminal would begin construction on the opposite side of the map, but I need to earn some cash to make it happen.

Went with a strong parking system from the beginning and have dedicated terminal employee lots.


Looks great, nice design, but it needs windows. I’m imagining concrete block walls. :slight_smile:

… Slayer did do that. At Least one window at least. :wink: