Slow Service round remote stand

Hi all!

I’m experimenting with the remote stands.
The close to the terminal ones, where staff and flightguests walk to the stand are doing well.
The ones on quite a distance from the terminal, where staff and guests have to use transport are doing quite well. With the guests it all runs smooth. I do have a problem with the staff. They are quite slow and a lot of flights are delayed by the (very) slow service round. I’m playing most of the time at 3x speed, and it takes about 2 seconds to add 5% to the service round in progress bar. In game time that’s awfully long.

Am I doing something wrong? I have my service cars running and connected properly.
Any other options I didn’t think of?

Thanks in advance for thinking on a solution!

How many ramp agents are at the stand?

This is a good question. For medium sized aircraft you will need a few as they require a lot of servicing, however if ramp agents arrive to the service car stop very late and sporadically the service car will not wait until all ramp agents destined for that stand and instead get going. This means that a medium flight can indeed be serviced by only, for example, two ramp agents, and if this is the problem you’re experiencing I’d suggest building staff rooms close to the service car stops and make sure that you have enough ramp agents available as this will cause service cars to be correctly populated with the destined ramp agents.

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Calculate 3 ramp agents per stand and if you have a busy airport keep in account that ramp agents also drive back and forth between the stands, so I normally have 2 ‘sets’ extra. If you have the bagage system up and running that will also take up an X amount (depending on your bagage bay settings) and you have to keep shifts in mind and ramp agents changing roles between stands and bagage bay. So all in all you will need quite a lot of ramp agents to keep up with the request. In the operations panel you can also see how many staff is needed.

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It seems indeed only 1 ramp agent makes it to the stand where the delay is. Normally it’s more than that and then there is no delay. I have a staff room nearby, but no extra service cars. I will try it, and hope it will work as well as my standby fuel trucks and bagage cars.

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The extra service cars in a parking lot seemed to help, less to almost none delayes due to this problem. Thanks for the help!


Great to hear! Well done! :slight_smile:

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