Slick Hamster's mod of the day

Hello! in order to promote mod use, I will be posting to this topic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a mod of the day of sorts. Anything on the workshop is fair game, fictional or IRL, with a brief description, screenshots in-game, and a link. (I know my name on the forum is different than the one used, but this is what I more commonly go by)


great idea! and ill just remember your are the animal guy… Cat… hamster. :joy:

Did not have time to do this 2nite, will try again on wednesday, sorry!

First mod!:
By: @twocflyer

JetBlue is a medium American airline with major hubs in JFK and BOS. They fly in the US, and fly to many Central and South American destinations, and are beginning to come into the Candian market. They fly A320s, A321s, and E-190s (being phased out by A220-300s). They also have many special liveries, particularly on the A320. This is my favorite airline (as well as @twocflyer 's) and I can’t wait to have it in PROJECT: Boston and Vancouver CityHarbor Airport!


dead now

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super dead now

I might pick this up, looks like a cool concept.