Sky bridges

Tried to build a bridge over the catering depo and the garbage depo, not allowed. Those buildings should be able to build over imo.

Just to save space? I think that looks ugly as those buildings have chimneys on their roofs. You can build a tunnel underneath.

Or give me a bigger map soon :stuck_out_tongue:

That bothered me too.
I’d rather have a modular approach: build a foundation and create depots like special rooms or objects, just like it is with the baggage bay. This would be more flexible.

Also, why can I place a parking lot UNDERground but not over another parking lot (parking decks)? This could be the same thing: build a foundation and create a “parking room”…

Parking room is kinda trash idea same as “Food Depot Room” etc it’s much better as it is right now

It’s always refreshing to read a well thought, comprehensibly justified, and precisely formulated answer.

it is possible to make your map bigger manually

I agree. Here’s a better answer: Making all services built by the player would introduce way too much unneccesary complexity in my opinion. For example, building stoves, fridges, etc and having to add more over time wouldn’t really be that game changing, more of a chore.

And also it would mean more staff types. Chefs, waste depot workers, vehicle depot workers etc aren’t probably the first proffesions you associate with an airport.

Overall, I think the current way of doing it is simplier even for the developers.

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Yes, your answer is much better (it was not very hard to come up with a better).

Look at the shops and restaurants as they are now. There are way too many things to build there which do not have an impact at all. It’s not that I like that way. (And btw,you don’t have to hire restaurant staff)
Nor did I propose that. I did not talk about stoves or new staff types. The “modules” catering etc still could be the black box as they are now, just with a better way to include them into the buildings.

As for hiring staff, that’s a total different topic. You know make a contract with the restaurant chain just like you do with the cleaning company.

I see, I misunderstood your idea. But then if they were like that, I suppose there wouldn’t be that much of a difference. Foundation or not, the buildings would be inaccesible. But adding modules (like the fuel depot) is indeed a good idea.

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