SKill filtering on Staff Tab

Hey all,

Today I tried to optimize my staffing; so, hiring batches of new guys, firing a lot of existing ones, to get to a more optimized staffing list.

Its very difficult though to see which of your staffers you should select for the firing squad.

Maybe employees can get an index rating of sorts, on which you can sort them? so you can fire the lowest tier ones when you mass hire batches of new folk to man your stands, desks, etc.

Sorting by salary would be a good first start too, since the salary seems to be some kind of index related to the skillset.

What you all think?

Secudairy; can we get a COUNT in the staff overview listing main tab, that adjusts when you apply a filter, if you want your staffing team to be 100 ramp agents, and you hire/fire a lot of them, you have no idea what the current number is.


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