Skill filter for hiring should automatically decline, not hide!

Picture this: I’ve just made my airport larger, and need a big tray of fresh new staff, what’s this? A skill filter? Perhaps it will aid me? Why have all the applications suddenly disappeared and are not returning?

Currently, as of 6.1-0, the skill filter simply hides all non-eligible staff, what does this mean? If you’re trying to hire staff and you only want a certain skill level, you’re forced to work without the skill filter because it just… hides the ones you don’t want.

How does this become a problem? There is only a max of five applications per staff type that can exist in your hiring tab, and by turning on the skill filter, those five slots will easily be filled with staff you don’t want, but the game won’t get rid of.

What do I think should change and how would it benefit the game? Make the skill filter, when on the applicants tab, automatically decline any applications below the requested skill, that way, the only applicants a player will get are ones of their choosing, this also would be useful for head hunting the best, where a player can set the skill filter to high and check on it occasionally to see if any applications got through.

I barely use the skill filter… it’s only real use is filtering your already hired staff to see who is the lowest, especially when an airport grows, so why is it on the hiring page? It feels like it could be much more useful.

Completely agree


Yes, assumed so on the day of release, disappointed ever since :wink: ~ I was waiting for new people forever.


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