Sill Baggage Issues

Is there still a baggage issue? Every time I start an airport and enable the baggage system, I get the error “passenger can’t claim baggage” it seems that the baggage still dosnt get fully unloaded from the aircraft!

I’ve just built two new builds, both with baggage. Always in trepidation. Thankfully had no issues. :heart_eyes:

Really? Err!! I tried one last night and still get the issue.Everything is moving correctly, going to the cargo bay, moving from the check in desk! But when it comes time to unload from the Aircraft boom, not all of it comes! Still have people not getting there baggage.

I clicked on one, and the path for their baggage was still showing on the plane. Then they get mad and leave!

I know it’s not the end of the world, but it is sure annoying :frowning:

Yeah, why at lot of my builds never got a baggage system :rofl: I dreaded that message. For me though, things have improved vastly. :smiley:

I do remember reading on another thread about why it was happening though. Something to do with… darn my memory. :confused:

Well crap! I don’t know what is happening with mine! Maybe the baggage claim area is a little too far away? I don’t think so but? Is yours far or closer to the stands?

I have tried both on the normal branch and the experimental branch and same issue!

A distance but not a massive one. Underground are the fast belt type too.

I will have to try again when I get home, but mine seems to be even closer and still every single time get that message! I have played without baggage but, that no fun lol!..

I just don’t know, been having issues with this forever…

Post some pictures with the baggage system arrows etc and we can check!

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Thanks Jas, I will this evening when I get home! I will post pictures of the whole system!


Hi Jas,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been really busy. So I am still having issue with the baggage and “Passenger Can’t Claim their Bags”
So the first screen shot shows that there are two people still waiting for their bags. However all the baggage has come and gone…
The next one shows that the path of the bags still showing on the plane.
The next one shows that the bags have been all off loaded… And the last one shows the conveyor belts… Any thoughts?

So are you saying no bags are coming off or getting loaded on fights?

I can see any issues with your belts!

Or are you saying a bag or two are missing ? Which can happen once real life :wink:

If you mean the error that appears about the bags, it is a known bug that’s will be sorted with the new UI update

The bags are getting offloaded and loaded no problem at all. It’s just every flight at least two bags don’t seem to get completely offloaded from the aircraft… Then you get the red message appear “Passenger Can’t claim baggage”

That’s the annoying part is that message.

I would says it more of a bug they (aceo) are aware of.

Sounds, good! Thanks for the info… :slight_smile:

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