SIA airport

Hey guys, this is terminal one of SIA airport

T1 has 26 small stands,2 runways and a lot of check in desks. Im still building T2 which is for the medium sized aircrafts at the bottom of the map and T3 is going to be on top of T1. Is there anything i can improve on T1?

I also want to ask if we can unlock the X portion of the map

because i think i do not have enough space to build all my other terminals and it would be a great help if there is more space to expand the airport.
Thank you :smiley:


The busiest time of my airport


What is the walking distance for the PAX to the farthest gate? looks so far

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You can do it in the files! There is a tutorial on youtube! (Building sanfransisco airport + How to unlock all tiles)
How you do it:
Do windows key and r, Go to apoasis studios, airport ceo, Saves, The save you want, Config, ctrl f, Search on: LeftUnlocked and replace LeftUnlocked, Lefttopunlocked, Topunlocked, Righttop unlocked, Rightunlockeds variables to true. (LeftUnlocked = False, Replace that with true) Now reopen your game and enjoy!

I made a simple save editor.

Just select your save, tick the boxes and save.

I suggest you make a backup first, just in case either something goes wrong or your computer catches fire


The next update will include option to unlock the full map and with that the start world will also be reduced to save on performance, but it should still be big enough when all tiles are unlocked. However, existing saves will keep the old size but still allow the map to be unlockable. It is still not recommend to unlock all the tiles on the old saves due to the sheer size of the map.


Terminal 2 complete :smiley:

for now , im just going to be waiting for the option to unlock different parts of the map to build terminal 3.

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Wow insane profits!!

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It’s what you get when you push all your passengers through duty free right after security :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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New updated airport with baggage handling systems.

im still thinking what i should add after i unlock the whole map other than more terminals. Any suggestions? and btw the game is running smoothly even though my airport is large.


Sooo nice! Could you e-mail us this airport to Would be nice to see it running! :slight_smile:

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IMO, it’s not realistic to have 2 runway side by side