Show separation time between flights in flight planner

I like to have my flights evenly spaced in time. I would like to suggest to show in the flight planner how much time there is between flights.
The time could be shown in the orange square.

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You can already see it. It says “15 min”. Look at top of “Prompt”

Yes, like @EG0611 says you can set the minimum time separation. However, if the auto-planner i unable to schedule a flight within that time it will gradually increase the separation until a free slot is found. That could be the reason for the irregularities.

But that’s for auto scheduler, right?
I’m scheduling the flights manually. My suggestions is to show the separation time during manually sort.

It also works for manual.

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@gks I can testify to that. EG helped me with that one when I was scratching my head why I could not plan flights even though there was space. I’d moved that slider.

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Now I understood! My bad, i didn’t realize before. :sweat_smile:


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