Short-Haul Widebody Flights

Here in New Zealand, Air NZ occasionally fly their 787 aircraft on domestic routes. I’m keen to replicate this, but I can never get the game to offer a domestic widebody (either 787 or 777) flight within NZ.

My guess is there is a range of distances that each aircraft type will fly, and all of the routes in NZ are too short for the 787 or 777. Does anyone know if we can edit this range ourselves? Or is it a different issue?

Cheers in advance!

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You are correct, planes in ACEO have a minimum and max range. Large domestic flights happen only in large countries. The smallest country I have seen where it works so far is Japan when the airport is far in the North or South. And of course big nations like China, Australia, Russia, US etc.

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Thanks for the confirmation!

Do you know if there’s any way we can modify this? Seems like it would require toying around with the game itself…

Is there a list anywhere of min/max ranges by aircraft as it might help when deciding where to set up an airport?

it is normal mainly with the A330, 767, 787 Example some A330s fly from LAX to Hawaii, or flights from São Paulo to Manaus, Moscow to Vladvostok, Toronto to Vancouver