Shops & Restaurants

From my experience with Airport CEO, shops and restaurants barely get attention from passengers, with some selling and others having 0 sales at the end of the day. I have looked at some discussions and it looks like it is based off of the PAX pathfinding (whatever that is lmao).

I think this should be improved somehow so that all shops garner more attention (of course to a reasonable level so that shops in the middle of no where dont have like a million sales a day).

Something more unique would be awesome

Can you include a few screenshots of your airport layout and detail what shops are not being visited? Passengers in ACEO are very keen about getting to their check-in desk area first and then shopping and eating second.

some shops (3 stars to 5 stars) are more pricey than others, so lower ranked stores or cafes get more people. If a 5 star was next to a 1 star, the 1 star will overwhelmingly take over the customers of the 5 star. True, 5 start does get some customers, but if there is cheaper competition, customers tend to go there. It also is affected by traffic. if a shop is all the way in the corner, and a gate is on the other side, barely anybody will go there. What I will do is place cheaper shops away from gates to give more profitable shops a monopoly next to gates. Since the lower stars don’t need too much sales per day, it works as a good setup

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