Shop in security zone

Hi !

I’m pretty new to ACEO and couldn’t find the answer to my problem over the internet.

Here’s the issue:
I created a shop right after security checks in the security zone. Staff is here but no goods are sold. It always says staff is on route.

Am I doing it wrong ?


Hi and welcome

Can you make a screenshot with activated zone overlay? (Z key)
Also: is this a default shop or a mod?


Your question about if it is a mod made me think. The franchise is a mod.
I just deleted the whole shop and recreated it. I signed an other franchise from the mod but this time everything’s fine.

I think the problem was either the mod, or the wall behind the staff that is not in security zone.


In that case the missing security zone.

The mod is only causing that you don’t see products in the shelves because it is either setted up wrong or it requests another mod with specific products.

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