Shop classes

I think the level of shops (the amount of stars) should not require different sizes. Instead better shops will come with more foot traffic. For example Starbucks is an extremely popular airport shop even though their stores are usually very small.



If you would like to see this feature implemented create a post in the feature voting when it next comes up :slight_smile:. The current system depending on the number of stars, means that you have to sell more product in order to complete the contract, and the bigger the star count the bigger the bonus.

I created a feature voting thread.

Good thats all you can do for the time being :slight_smile:

Seems like it should be more related to two/three separate classes when I think about airports… small with sit down spots (think small star bucks) medium-large with sit down spots (something similar to restaurants/bars and then hole in the wall grab and gos.

Where I’d like to see it go is adding in types of things for different types of these restaurants. McDonalds doesn’t need food counters, they need kitchens. Bars don’t need food counters, they need bars (with varying sizes) restuarant/bars need both kitchens and bars. Coffee shops need a combination.

I am currently failing miserably as satisfying shop/food contracts and really only use them to provide rent revenue for the airport, which can be the difference between enjoying the game or constantly in debt and struggling hoping to survive… Sure, the contracts fail, but 2k an hour for >100 hours and a 23k penalty a week from now… that’s a no brainer… 10 of those shops and suddenly, I don’t start every hour in the red…

Yes I too feel the same way. Also places like a coffee shop would need a coffee machine and maybe a tea maker. It makes no sense to me why we need so many food counters. Places like Starbucks only have 2-3 of these.

I honestly believe the food counter thing is all about programming for now… a specific type of object required inside a geographic space in order allow something else to happen. I’d be stunned if this sort of thing doesn’t work its way into the conversation over the next few months with outrightly stated developer transition to focus on adding features. To me the engine is really stable. It’s buggy and clearly in development, but it is otherwise stable.

The shop system needs a realism overhaul but this game is still in alpha so it c p uld be coming in the future development pipeline :smile: @Bardaek @Ya_Boy3245


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