Sevice road crossing

I made a new terminal check in section I put new bus stops car stops ect.but I have a service road around the building,It seems passengers cannot cross the service road to enter the new building its unsecured and open can people not cross service roads without going through security first?

yes its not zoned unless a service road is security coded by default…i had to cut a hole add two gates to allow service vehicles to get across but now they mix with the everyday traffic…but only was i could do it to allow people to use the new terminal…pain.
I am also having issues with people standing ON the baggage return and not picking up their bag as it sits right in front of them.

DId you make sure the crosswalk is zone the same as the buildings? Pax don’t cross from zone to zone. Make sure if the buildings are secure areas that the crosswalk is zone as secure. The only areas built with default secure zoning are Security checkpoints and Aircraft stands. You need to zone other areas yourself.

As i said their was NO ZONE at all just a bus/car drop off sidewalks on both sides the service road that I want to cross (that has a xwalk) and the sidewalks leading into the new building they wont use the crosswalk they walk all the way around to the old terminal on the other side of the map.
however they use them crossing regular roads and they use them going to the small ramps but that is a security zone to security zone…so I am wondering if this is a bug?
they wont use a xwalk across a service road if its in an unsecured zone?

Never tried to place bus/car drop offs on a service road, as the service road has a security check before vehicles can go on premiss it could be the case the roads are considered as secure by the PAX. Did you try to zone the cross walks and the sidewalks as a security area? Otherwise I would try to use normal roads instead and see what happens, just to test.

For the bagage return, zone the belts as staff zone.

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I think we need to see some screenshots in order to fully understand the issue, can you post a screen overlooking the area with zones enabled?

You are not understanding the bus stop is NOT ON the service road its not that hard
public road bus stop attached…sidewalk than a cross walk ACROSS the service road then sidewalk to terminal entrance…passengers will not cross over the service road

Can we see a screen shot?

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Do keep in mind You came here with an issue. We want to help and a picture says more than 1000 words…

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Just did a test and the PAX can cross the service road to and from the terminal from the busstops and the car stops:

I didn’t do anything with zoning etc as you can see on the picture. Also please note I’ve used crosswalks to connect the busstops and car stops to connect them to the roads and crosswalks.

Please share some screenshots so we can have a look at how your setup has been built, as said before also please turn on the zones as well when you take the screenshot.

Have you checked if newly hired employees cross there? Would like to know if it’s all people or only passengers refusing to cross. And as everyone already mentioned, a screenshot helps. F12 should make Steam take one, if you uopload it to your steam profile, you don’t have to upload it to an imagehost cause steam supports imagelinking on your screenshots too. The people trying to help youe here are very good at troubleshooting so pls have faith in them.

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