Service Vehicle Routing Improvements

Service vehicles have a tendency to go all the way to an end of a road, turn round and come all the way back again to their correct destination. Introduce better routing for these vehicles (fuel tankers, baggage cars, etc) so they head straight to their intended destination



Good point. As it comes late to the voting (and may be theoretically treated as a misbehavior of the vehicles), maybe we could raise this a a bug to have it implemented sooner?

Just a thought.

This has definitely become a problem for me too. The vehicles sometimes drive aimlessly about. Additionally, they tend to cross all the way over to the other side of the airport to take jobs and the jobs do not get completed in time. I have assigned the vehicles to service depots evenly spaced across the airport but they take any job they desire. Lastly, I built two entry gates to the service roads on either side of my airport, and I had pushback trucks and service vehicles driving on the common roads!

These can be very small issues, but once your airport gets big enough, it causes many delays because aircraft aren’t serviced properly.

Still love playing though!

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