Service Vehicle pathfinding

Just a small question: Does a taxiway block path for service vehicles like fuel trucks - i.e. would crossing a taxiway make it impossible for these to service stands on the other side of said taxiway, even if the service road continues?

I don’t quite understand what you meant. Do you mean service roads can cross taxiway? > Answer is yes.

A service vehicle cannot cross a taxiway on its own, but a service road can be built across a taxiway, as EG says. :slight_smile:

I built stands in my apron area for GA on two sides of a taxiway, thus having a ‘gap’ in terms of service road leading from vehicle depot to stands. The stands on the side closer to the airport were serviced normally as they were connected directly to service road network, but the other were not and showed the car with questionmark sign so I came up with this question. The taxiway interrupted the service road /but I thought, a car can cross concrete ways…). Now you say you can build service roads OVER taxiways? In that case I could make my design work and just have ‘forgotten’ to build the service road over the taxiway foundation.

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Show us pictures of your airport.

I deleted that ‘faulty’ design already. But imagine this: Runway and taxiway form a loop. Stands on the outside of the loop are serviced by fuel trucks as they can be directly connected to service road network. Stands on the inside of this loop are not as the trucks do not cross the taxiway to reach the service road on the other side of it. A small portion of taxiway interrupts the service road. Hope that helps. Somewhat of the issue of needing crossovers for streets for walkers to cross. But only for trucks crossing taxiways to reach the service roads on the other side of it.

Yes, that sounds very much like you needed to build a service road over the taxiway. At least you’ll know for next time! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

When starting this game, I was indeed very surprised Apron was not used by service-trucks.