Service Truck Shortage & Delays


For some reason I keep getting a shortage in my service truck as seen below. I am also getting a lot of delays. I wonder if it’s due to the service truck shortage. Thanks for you help!



Same here, does not matter how many trucks I buy, their is always a shortage in service trucks. But I have no delays.

It looks like the situation is related with “vehicle job tasks” list.

What do you mean? Not sure I follow.

You have enough service vehicles, but the display information is incorrect.

I prefer to have 2 service vehicles per stand, 2 large ones for medium gates and 2 small ones for the small stands.

Thanks! So I really wonder what’s causing all my flights to be delayed.

Maybe screenshot your airport for us, lets see what we can figure out for you.

I noticed it shows the job that doesn’t get set (loading bagage) is for the same stand another job (unloading bagage) is still active for. Is the game supposed to halt that job untill the other is done?


Can you repost the screenshot with zoning enabled pls? thx.

Also please share a daylight picture with zones enabled (shortcut key Z) and a picture of the flight process monitor (shortcut key G)

Other thoughts:
Did you assign vehicles to depots?
Place vehicle depots closer to the stands
Do you have enough personnel? As you have quiet a lot of stands/check-in/boarding/security desks
Any issues with baggage? If so please share a picture with baggage belts enabled (shortcut key Y)

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Here you go!

PS: I did not know about the flight process monitor :slight_smile:
Could it be because I have two different terminals? And some are stuck in the small one?

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  • have depots for service vehicles across each Cargo Bay, assign them vehicles.
  • maybe create 4 secure zones, to seperate PAX streams

  • maybe create 4 secure zones, to separate PAX streams - So I would need to create a wall in between each zones?

This would do your terminal turnover speed good I think, less walking distance for PAX.

Build walls, then reload the game, since they wont separate in the same session.

Don’t think it’s working…Look at the checkpoint, it’s still showing all gates.

It would be great to be able to assign the checkpoints to the boarding desks that you want.

What happens if you rebuild the checkpoint? did you reload the game?

Maybe close the checkpoint, then reload … difficult area we are in :stuck_out_tongue:, its not native to the game ;).

Yes still the same.

So if I delete all of the zone and none of them touch each other then it sometimes work.

Keep us up to date :smiley: