Service Truck Colours

Not sure why this is, but at some times of the day, the trailers on the service trucks end up different colours :

(Oh yeah, and they crash into each other, a lot, and that particular baggage bay often gets bags mis-directed, hence the red thing)

That’s not different color. Baggage carts supposed to not shine in the dark while they are on apron area.

But they are indoors, in the baggage bay.

Yep, that’s why it is a bug. I bet you see shining baggage carts at apron area.


Not the best time of day to get this screen grab, but you can see a difference.

(also it’s empty because of fairly massive baggage system difficulties, nothing’s leaving the check-in desks, trying to sort that, in any case it’s on the way back from the stand)

Could you paste screens of your entire baggage setup? We might be able to help you debug the issue.

For the baggage carts I’ve noticed that that bug has gotten increasingly worse, working on a fix for it but will have to wait for it to be implemented.

Hi Olof, I found the problem with the baggage system - I had accidentally demolished 2 underground conveyor belts so that one’s pure user error!

Update actually… that didn’t fix the problem. Screenshots below:


Baggage Bay 1:

Baggage Bay 2 :

Check-In and Reclaim areas :

Check-In Desk with stuck bags.

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Nice looking airport! But a bit too big to see any issues on the screen, it looks like a few conveyor belt pieces are not fully built though which means that the path may not be activated. Also, have you checked below all walls that a conveyor belt hans’t been incorrectly removed?

Ah! Checked the belts again and discovered that there was indeed a conveyor missing under a wall. Thanks for the advice, everything seems to be working again now.

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Good! We really need to fix that wall conveyor belt removal issue, will create a ticket for it an expedite it.

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“Baggage Bay 1:” foto shows a part of build but not completed belt. Near the 3 paired zebra’s and then a bit east.

Still need a bug report for non upgradable service roads @Olof?

That’s not really a bug, there’s currently no feature implemented for upgrading roads.

Aha :stuck_out_tongue: before you could drag Aspaht over the other road type.

Lol! That actually sounds like a bug so I guess it was fixed, haha… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that was not sopposed to be possible? hahahahaha


< was very normal before :wink:

It is, but I had already built that bit in an earlier attempt and it didn’t work. Problem was a bit missing under a wall for some reason.

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You deleted the wall most probably, its a known bug.

Actually, it was under a wall I haven’t touched in ages. Very odd.