Service cars and remote stands

so my remote stand is connected to a service car stop but the car always arrives without ramp agents. I built another stop right next to their room but the car doesn’t use it.

from what I have tested with remote stands is that you only need one service car stop to pick up the ramp agent to bring them to the stand…

also make sure that the stop is in the security zoned

is the door outside to the vehicle stop designated as secure? I’ve also had just general troubles with small stands as remote stands, so I would not suggest it.

Does it have to be connected to the security zone because it’s zoned automatically?

well, the car stop is auto-zoned, but the door isn’t.

You’re talking about the door outside the staff room? It’s not because I thought I shouldn’t mark staff rooms as secure

the bit where it connects to the building under a door is usually not automatically secured zoned

Here are my zones:

yeah you have to make it secure, because the car stop is secure, and its coming from a secure zone into a non, and yes you can zone a staff room secure.

looks like your missing a security zones between your service car stop and the baggage building if I was you I would connect the security zone from the main building to the baggage building

This still isn’t working:

Okay, it worked after I zoned all of my service roads secure

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weird… is the one near the baggage building connected to the remote stand

First foto;

Your ramp agents cannot walk into a secure zone without checkpoint.

What I suggest, remove the exit / entree on the bottom of your terminal, and extend the secure zone over your zebras and baggage handling and connect it that way with the secure pickup for ramp agents.

You staff room should be secure too.

Also, your car pickup should be terminal side, not on the remote stand side, connect your remote stand to a car pickup location on your terminal side, remove the one near the stand. You just need one, the car will drive onto the stand.

And what I cant see, is your bus stands secure zoned? Especially its door?

For future designs; try to have short grids from baggage to stand, atm the long road could cause delays.

And last resort; sometimes secure grids area’s in rare cases do not update. Try a save and reload when it persists. Dont forget to bug report first.

So What am I doing wrong?

So What am I doing wrong?

We need some explanation.

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