Send all passengers home

have about 20 passengers who are bugged and wont calulate a path out of my airport, read online about there being a debug option to “send all passengers home” My debug doesn’t have that so not sure what to do.

Correct, that ability was removed as it instead of fixing things caused a lot of other issues instead. However, if you bug report the save and let me know the issue number here (something like ACEO-XXXXX, it’s displayed after you report the bug), I’ll have a look at the save and make sure that the issues solves itself within the next few updates.

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Can you auto de-spawn passengers which are stuck somewhere for more than 24hrs? Their plane is usually already gone by then.

Due to the last versions I have passengers on staff only zones, servicecar stops and even on gates. To get them away I have to mess up the entire airport.

Please report any save where there are stuck passengers and we will fix the root cause instead.

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Check ACEO-37203

There are also passengers on the service car stop where I have no clue how they got there.

Must have happened a 2-3 patches ago and now they won’t go if I do not build a accessible exit path.

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All right, it’s already on my radar.


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