Self-checkin kiosks not being used?

Obviously this is the 35 experimental version. I have placed a couple of self-service check ins and baggage drop offs. I have let the game run for a couple of days (in game time hehe) but hardly anyone is using them.

What is the supposed ratio of self-service / full-service check ins? I would expect at least half of the passengers using the self-service but so far it’s < 1%.

(oh, and I love this game :smile:)

A kiosk does work only if you have functional baggage drop offs. Your bag drop offs need to be assigned to the baggage bay (same way as the check in desks).
When this is fullfilled, the drop offs will take care of the next 4 flights scheduled to gates with the assignes baggage bay. Further flights will be assigned to check in desks.

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@andyc, I think you may have found a flaw in the clever planning of my current airport. I have almost 200 flights per day. I have only self-checkin kiosks and baggage drop-offs. However, I have only about 20 of those drop-offs. If each drop-off can handle only four flights at a time, then I need about 50. True? If so, no wonder mu pax stopped coming to the terminal and kiosks were no longer being used.

Never trust only machines. Keep some desks as backup is always a good option. Then you see how many flights are still scheduled to those desks.

Another thing to your problem: one check-in desk was supposed to handle 75pax per flight, so if you have 150 pax departing you need 2 check-in desks. Maybe that will help

I have complete faith in our machine masters. Machines…good. Humans…bad… LOL
I’ll add some staffed Checkin Desks. Thanks

I built 4 drop offs and all serve the same 4 flights which have less than 75 pax. So that splitup does not work withe the drop offs.
I still need to test what happens when you have one drop off but 4 full A380 coming in at the same time. :rofl:

BTW, I see each baggage drop-off lists five flights, not four.

Here the better description:

Baggage Drop Offs are acting as replacement when:
The assigned baggage bay has maximum 4 stands assigned.

Baggage Drop Offs are acting as addition when:
The assigned baggage bay has more than 4 stands assigned.

  • Flight 1-4 will be handled by the baggage drop offs.
    All baggage drop offs handle the same 4 flights. = as more drop offs as faster it works.
  • Flight 5 to x will be shifted to normal check in desks. Then the rule of 75pax per desks takes effect.

Would be cool if the check in desks functioned in a similar manner. Instead of each desk only allowing check in for one flight, it should allow check in for any flight that is connected to the same baggage bay.

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Thanks, I checked again today and all of a sudden this swarm of people ran to the self-service kiosks and started checking in.

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