Selection of public transport stops

I have a problem with the public transport system.
I have a various number of bus, car and taxi stops. But the cars arriving always use the same 4 stops of each kind. Therefore the queues of the other stops start reaching their limit and the passangers don’t get picked up. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug?

Only the marked stops are getting used by buses, cars and taxis. The others not

Devs, second report of this!

Vp1887 I suggest to create a bug report and write the number here!

Yes, @humoresque is right, look here: Problems playing the game? Players ask - players answer - #84 by Manni (and the next ~10 posts). I’ve got the same problem.

If I see it right, you have also one way streets with two lanes?
Do you have also several teminals or is this the only one on your map?

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I created a bug report before I found this forum but I can`t remember the number

Yeah. One way streets with two lanes work actually pretty well.
Indeed I do have a second smaller terminal. It seems like the problem has sth to do with that.
After I connected the two public street areas so that a car can reach every stop from every world entrance the cars, busses and taxis used all stops. I think this issue stil should be fixed as in reality not all car stops etc. are reachable from all public roads to the airports.
But for my case I found a solution to work with

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Thanks for your explanations. That sounds logically and would explain, why several busses drive along my first, smaller terminal parking area without a stop.

Let’s hope, that this bug will be fixed. I have no chance to connect both terminal areas without destroying half an airport… :frowning:

You use the entirety of floor -1 and -2?

For me, yes. The parking area of my first terminal is on floor 0, the one of terminal #2 (with the problems) is on floor -1.

I could make that work. It’s quite simple really. I can do it if you give me the save.

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Thanks to your offer!
Meanwhile I saw the hole in front of the map to insert a tunnel connecting the first (=left) world entrance and terminal #2 (at the rigt of the map).

And you are right: the problem is solved. Thanks for that.

But if it’s necessary to connect EVERY place on the map with EVERY other place, also if they don’t need a connection, the need of several world entrances/exits is unnecessary. And it has the consequence that cars drive unnecessarily long distances to reach their destination.

Yes, this is definitely something for the devs to look in to!

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Do we have a bug report filed?

Yes, look here: Problems playing the game? Players ask - players answer - #84 by Manni

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