Select Type of Aircraft per Stand

Feature request title:
Select Type of Aircraft for Stand

For medium and large stands, have the ability to toggle whether it can accept:

  • Propeller aircraft - ATRs/DASH 8s
  • Weight Class I Jets - EMBs/CRJs
  • Weight Class II Jets - 737s/A319/A320
  • Weight Class III Jets - 757/A321

Why it should be implemented:
It would be nice to have the ability to do this so we do not have smaller aircraft hogging a large gate when we like the auto scheduler to do its thing (but maybe with the added realism of the odd 757 in the mix). Adversely, it would further allow for a streamlined remote medium stand experience and/or non-jetway experience, by allowing for only props/smaller aircraft to utilize those types, should you wish. In either scenario these would allow for quicker boarding, and more realistic separation of gate types.

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Yes please! :slight_smile: If I had more votes I would vote! Right now it looks weird for an atr-42 next to a boeing 757-200.

There has been a topic for minor details and it has been suggested in the topic.

“Minor details” topic is a free for all topic to discussions. A feature can be discussed on both topics.

If i only had votes. Put one vote here now.

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