Security Stops Working

When starting the game security is working and passengers go through. Shortly afterwards, passengers stop using security and going through. Why?


I think it’s a bug. Let’s see if it will be fixed with the next update.

I’m not sure though, if it’s triggered if you’ve got to less security staff to do a shift change.

@StarshipUK is it experimental 28.1.8? This version has a bug on security stations go strike and devs will fix it in following versions.

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We’re looking into fixing this issue today, an update will be published on the experimental branch when it’s sorted.


I’ve seen it too, closing the security station and re-opening it to get a new staff member fixes it for me for now untill there is a general fix.

I believe the issue to have been fixed, cannot reproduce it anymore (was probably crushed when I fixed our boarding bug) but if it still happens in 28.1-10 I want ya’ll to let me know!

All right so the update is out but it’s so random happening over here that we need more to test it… please file a bug report if you still have this behavior in the -10 update.

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