Security staff

I’ve noticed 2 issues with my security staff:

  1. They aren’t going to checkpoints to work, sometimes a checkpoint is missing just one staff member (which stops it from handling people. Sometimes 2 checkpoints next to each other are both missing one staff member so with better allocations you could still open one checkpoint. Have had as many as 5 (of 11) large checkpoints closed for lack of staff even though the employee job tasks panel consistently shows a surplus of 30-40 staff.
  2. Security staff get tired quickly. I measured how long it took for them to tire out; a fully trained (almost full green skill bar) went from being fully rested to having a red energy rating in almost exactly 2 hrs which seems way too fast. (Toilet need went from green to yellow in the same period)

These are good observations, the value degradation may have shifted due to a recent system change. As for the first issue I’d probably need to take a look at the save in question.

The first issue seems to be related to where security staff go for their breaks. I have staff rooms for security next to my main security checkpoint area. The other is a few floors below that next to the baggage scanners. It turned out that a big proportion of my security staff had gone to the much smaller staff room near the scanning stations and would no longer go to the checkpoints. Improved but didn’t solve it by closing the staff room near the scanning station, to force security staff to go to the other one (reverses the problem but it’s not as troublesome because far fewer staff are needed for baggage scan than for security checkpoints).

Seems more generally to be related to staff potentially not going to more distant job tasks (in some way/for some reason)

Can you bug report this on the latest beta 4 version and let me know the version here?

Report number is ACEO-38084

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