Security Staff - Int'l DEP/ARR areas - Optimal Route Between Them?

This is a bit complicated to explain…

Question: What is the pathfinding priority for security staff from one secure zone to another? Shouldn’t it be the shortest possible?

Is the best optimal option to build a small “Arrivals Security” staff room? Would that cause inefficiency issues by over time getting far too many staff crowding into that room based on the “go to the nearest” logic?

Possible routes - which is preferred or intended by the algorithms?
Route 1 - Via a stand airbridge (i’ve seen staff often do this to transition between ARR/DEP segregated zones - it works well in many situations and is realistic)
Route 2 - Via any physically possible route and disobey the zoning limits (in and out of secure zones freely, in this example via my small corridor beside the desks. I would personally prefer this for security staff as noted in other forum topics)
Route 3 - Via checkpoints obey the restrictions (as if they were a standard employee such as a janitor, needing to properly leave and enter secure zones)
Route 4 - Route via any security facilities to transition between zones (appears this is what is happening currently, regardless of direction of walking in or out of the zones).

Thanks for any tips on this, not necessarily a bug, i’m just wondering what is the correct method or most efficient :slight_smile:

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