Security Staff - Headache of checkpoints unmanned during switch over despite 2-3x required staffing

This one is becoming really frustrating and has been referenced by other players in topics but not sure it’s been specifically discussed much…

Security Checkpoint staffing issues in any airport with more than 2-3 checkpoints.

  • Security checkpoints temporarily unmanned due to change over and breaks
  • Available staff resting in staff with but are not dispatched to the task in enough time to reopen the checkpoints
  • Passengers lose their place in queue and change to another available checkpoint
  • Multiple staff rooms across the security area, or one large/narrow staff room, neither seem to resolve this issue
  • Multiple staff or shared toilets surrounding the security checkpoints does not resolve this.
  • 2-3x security staffing compared to the requirement, with full staff rooms, still checkpoints are left unmanned during change over/breaks causing passengers to endlessly change between checkpoints.

Any tips or advice on this appreciated, but having built many successful airports in the game I know this is not just a simple user error or poor building as I’ve closely monitored staff moving from facilities to checkpoints short distances, this isn’t a zoning issue.

It seems to be more an issue of the task allocation and possibly an issue with the coding/timings of the security checkpoint staff change over/breaks

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Example, two out of order.

Two out of order.

Two rows empty after a shift change.

Out of staff in morning rushour


Another two out of staff in Rush hour, the most left is staff only.

All airports have double the staffing as required.

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Thank you for saving me the job of illistrating it with screenshots, I had planned to :slight_smile:

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The big checkpoints just don’t work for me because when you have 11+ medium flights, they’ll never make it through the security line in time

I think the issue is the morning rush hour combined with the long queues you build.
I have no rush hour, traffic is evened out over all times of the day. My built queues are no more than 30 tiles long, mostly shorter (15-20?).
I have 0.5-0.6 large security checkpoints per medium stand, and 0.1 large security checkpoints per small stand.
My passengers make it through security in time, even if they have to switch to another checkpoint once or twice. Some do not make it at all, because they get stuck in pathfinding, others do not make it because they queue for a coffee, but security delays aren’t the reason why anyone doesn’t make it.

You are looking at a throughput of 10k people in one rotation.

It is fair what you are saying in the helpful replies to the thread, but I think the overwelming issue is, the timer trigger for a replacement Security officer to reach their task before the original staff leave, causing the closure.

It’s that issue which causes the issue. It’s not an issue of queues being too slow and missing flights, that is actually realistic to the real world :wink:

I just wish the staff wouldn’t abandon their post until the replacement comes along. The staff morale/happiness should depend on IF there is a replacement on their way assigned to take over, rather than leaving suddenly causing major problems closing the checkpoint unplanned

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Where is the staff room(s) located in relation to your security checkpoints?

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I will get screenshots from different airports. Generally they can’t make the walk 3-4 checkpoints wide in time to take over the shift. I usually place a room directly next to checkpoints, or a long narrow staffroom along the back of them.

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The thing is… your situation is actually 100% accurate of what would actually happen. People can’t find their way out of those Qs. Try and do that in the airports? Get rid of those things. They don’t help anything, and honestly, they’re hurting you. If everyone is piled up at hte Q, they can shift positions dynamically. Once in a Q, they’re in the Q…

Just to clarify in case i’ve badly worded the query, it’s the issue of the staff not reaching a checkpoint for shift change in time that’s bugging me a bit :slight_smile: but yer I agree with you there on that point about the queue, in real world it is that same reaction. But i’m real world also the checkpoint likely would close with the remaining people being finished off before abandoned maybe.

The problem I see with the current state of Qs in this game… there really should be a single Q line that you can attach all security gates to and travelers go to the first one that’s open. That’s how it works in real airports. I get the tech development stuff, but your solution of playing the game “dots” with Q lines makes me want to run away from the airport in shear panic and terror.

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