Security Scanners Reliability

Mostly a question for the devs.

Do the Level I/II/III baggage scanners sometime indicate a false positive? That is, the baggage really does not contain contraband, but the scanners indicate they do?

Also, do the scanners sometimes indicate a false negative? That is, baggage contains contraband, but the scanners indicate the baggage is clear?

Baggage being scanned as suspicious can be scanned as being ok by higher tier scanners.

If it’s a random placeholder, or if there is already an proper game mechanic, I don’t know.

For instance, suspicious baggage caught by my Level I Scanner is sent to the Destroyer. If that’s a false positive, then it needs to be scanned by Level II and Level III scanners to clear it.

I suggest you to build your scanner system like this:

There is also an issue on tutorial that devs are aware of it

2 Likes, from that diagram, we can infer:

  1. Level I has no false negatives, but may have false positives, because negatives go straight through.
  2. Level II scanners may have false positives, but no false negatives.
  3. Level III has no false positives nor negatives.

Are those statements true according to the devs? I ask, because the tutorial you point to was created by you, not the devs.

My setup assumes there may be false negatives, but no false positives. The blue arrows (not on conveyor bets) are one level below.

When the bom explodes in the plane, the system is not setup right. But that is Soon ™ before you know :wink:

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I always use a setup like EG0611. If it’s correct I don’t know for sure, but once I explained it to some other guy, one of the devs liked my post.

Also I see, that higher tier scanners recognize false suspicious scans and say a suit is safe.

Also, in your example tier one and tier two scanners would be useless, as any baggage needs to go through the tier three scanner anyway.

So I suppose my (and EG0611) variant is the correct one.

Didn’t check the official tutorial though and never seen a clear explanation by the devs since a while.

OK, then. I can be rid of the Tier One and Two Scanners and have only Tier Three. Just as I thought. Excellent!

May be valid for now … but not for the future.

Most likely scanners will have differend speeds for scanning. The more accurate, the slower. At least that’s what I’m expect to happen some time.

Currently, all scanners are at slow conveyor belt speed. So, by removing Level I and Level II scanners, the scanning process is considerably faster.

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I get your logic but it still feels so wierd to me. It feels wrong to upgrade the system to filter out false positives. You upgrade your system to filter out “false falses” so to speak. You want to upgrade to specifik scanners so you can be sure that the genaral scanners dont miss explosives, drugs contraband etc…

EDIT: don’t know if i wrote it correct but point is that i want bagage thts scanned by general scanner to be scanned again to make sure that theres no explosives etc… I’m not scanning again to filter out bags that was incorrectly identified.

If I get you right, your method doesn’t make sense.

Why scan a bag again, if it’s already being scanned as ok? Then just skip the first scan and do the second (or third) accurate scan only, as the first scan is just a waste of time and money (you don’t need to buy and operate this scanner then, do you?).

The logic of my (and EG0611) method is, to do a (fast) scan of the bags in a tier one scanner, which isn’t that accurate, but very cautious causing false positives.

So that any suspicious bag gets a second scan. This scan may be slower (not part of the mechanic yet), but more accurate and mistakly false positives will be sorted out. (your PAX won’t be pleased, if you destroy their bag just because they take their vibrator with them. :wink: )

The same then for the more accurate but even slower tier three scanner line.

At the moment this isn’t needed, as there is no speed difference for each tier scanners. But as soon as there is, this method helps to avoid congestions.

Tier III has some false negatives, it “depends on operator skill”
Tier I has false negatives too
Tier II seems to be fine from my testing
EDIT: I meant that Tier I has false positives.

@nrod06, how did you determine you are getting false negatives

Ok, I should have asked.
By false negatives, you mean that the baggage has, say, drugs in it, but the operator determines that it has none.
Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. A false positive would mean, the baggage does not contain contraband, but the scanner or operator states it does.

Ok, thank you. Now how I detirmined it.
I was watching the scanning system and I was ramdomly clicking on bags that got rejected by Tier I. A few bags had body parts in them, by kept getting rejected.
EDIT: And now i realize im an idiot
i meant false positives

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