Security problems


I got a problem. I’m planning to try to make the perfect airport. I tried to make it now, but got a problem. I tried to run a test on the airport to see if everything worked - but some passangers are checking-inn but not everyone. When they’ve checked inn they doesnt pass the security controll.

Some of the people arriving are leaving, but not everyone.

Someone know how to solve this? I want to learn more how to make a perfect airport.

Look at picture.

Tried multiple ways with different places with security, but its not working…

This sounds very strange, what do they do instead? They check-in and after that they simply do not move on? Would probably need to check the save for this one if that’s the case.

Always test with just 1 stand manually, then move it to more stands gradually, so, you can determine the stand that is causing the issues.

Hi, we have identified a bug that does not properly adds the security checkpoints and exits to the secure area. Try to reload the save or rezone the area around and on top of the checkpoints/exits. We will try to deploy a fix soon.

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Thanks, it works fine now.