Security point shift change issues

Hi! Wondering if anyone are experience issues with the security checkpoints as well:

  1. Some checkpoints remain closed for an awfully long time during shift changes (like ~2 hours every time it happens). Despite running at ~1.5x the number of security officers to the number of jobs, I’m noticing a few issues:
  • checkpoints are left understaffed when there’s a change of shift: instead of the the entire batch of security officers arriving at the same time (e.g. all six for one large checkpoint), and then changing shift at the same time, they seem to all have different times of shift changes, so there’s an unnecessarily frequent occurrence of understaffed checkpoints.
  • instead of teaming up to operate the same checkpoint, they prefer to distribute themselves into different checkpoints, such that all of them are understaffed (so if I have eight agents available, instead of operating 1 checkpoint and understaffing a 2nd, they will split themselves such that both checkpoints don’t have enough agents!)
  • staff don’t seem to be using the logical staff rooms: I have multiple staff rooms dotted around, and have limited access of some rooms to certain types of staff. However, as security officers operate both baggage screening and security checkpoints, I have made rooms available to them in different parts of the terminal, some near the checkpoints, and others just next to the baggage bay and scanners. Instead of using the one that is closest, I have tracked multiple agents walking all the way to the other staff room for their break, before returning across the terminal to the checkpoint, which I think is rather daft. Similar issues seem to be happening with ramp agents and passenger service agents as well.
  1. Security checkpoints shut even when passengers are queuing. So rather than closing the queue and processing remaining passengers, they just suddenly shut when shift change occurs. And as a result, passengers at the front of those queues then end up at the back of another, resulting in delays.

  2. Passengers don’t necessarily use the shortest path: My layout is one where there’s a central check in area, then after security, passengers either go to a pier on the right with a few gates, or a pier on the left with another few gates. Each pier has their own baggage bay, to which the gates on that pier are connected. I have my gates/baggage bay/check in desks connected in such a way that all the gates on the right side of the terminal are connected to the baggage bay on the right and the check in desks on the right, and a near symmetrical layout for those on the left. However, passengers sometimes cross the terminal after check in to use a far away security checkpoint (despite there being no queue in the one nearest to them), then walk across the terminal again to get to their gates. Again, unnecessary delays.

Any ideas how I can fix these problems?


Really agree with you here and trust that this can be modified hopefully as part of the development.

Key things I agree with or have noticed…

  • a checkpoint will suddenly close leaving customers to rejoin the back of a long queue causing delay and missed flights.
  • staff will leave in random phases. Maybe they can wait and become “unhappy” if wait too long and their performance lowered. (A bigger threshold for waiting for a colleague to come swap before deserting it, more time.for the new staff to get there).

Would love to see…

  • as you said, pause the queue rather than clear it during change over if there is a short period of pausing the checkpoint waiting for new staff.
  • customers intelligently seek the shortest queue - even if it is at the far end of a security search area.

You raise some very valid points here :slight_smile:

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