Security officers at bagage scanning station


I have some problems with my bagage scanning system. No security officer is on stage by the scanning station. How come?


How far away is the security staff room?

Can they get to it? Is there a door into the room for staff. Do they have to cross secure zone, and if they do is there a security checkpoint to get in and a security exit to get out? Do you have enough security officers? You should have more than needed as some will be on rest at times.

The bagage scanning system is undergound connected with an elevator from the staff room to -1.

They don’t need to pass a secure zone.

Usually a few screenshots with zones enabled can help us out helping you! :slight_smile:


Here is a screenshot :slight_smile:

@Olof @DavidMarlor

Draw a wall around the elevator so that the security guy can only leave to one side where the real elevator exit is.

On the lower level, tha side behind the elevator is an independent area with no access to the other side.

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I can’t see anything wrong with it. The security should have access from staff room to station via elevator, assuming elevator is working correctly. Are you getting any reports of security staff not able to find path to the station. Only other issue could be not enough security staff. They wont’ work if they need rest, etc. So you need a lot more than the minimum number of stations you have for them, at least double.

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The baggage sorting area should be in the secure zone?

Otherwise there would be a way for staff to get from landside to airside without going through a security checkpoint.

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