Security Connection problem

It says that my stand is not connected to the security checkpoint. So I cant use that stand to schedule flights.
Please help. Have I done anything wrong with the secure zones or the placement?

Hi Laxen.

The security stand seems to be zoned for staff only before its entrance. Try removing the staff zoning.

I removed the staff zoning for the checkpoint and it is not working. Or should I just remove it from outside the secure zone?

There also does not appear to be a secure walkway to the apron too. I think the layout is causing your issues. The pedestrian crossing has no walkway the lower side of it back to the terminal.

Wait so I should not connect the terminal with the stand directly like I did with the sidewalk?

As your PAX leave the secure terminal there is no walkway for them to get to the apron where the plane is. There’s some road, which the PAX without the sidewalk will not cross, but they cannot get to the crossing.

Ok, so I need to move my sidewalk so it is connected directly to the plane and not the lower part of the stand?

You could extend the left portion of the walkway I think and that would work. I remove the unloading Zone, be careful if you do that, and put a walkway at the bottom of the apron to hook up to the crossing. The PAX have no walkable solution to the apron area where the plane is. IE Sidewalk or onto the apron directly.

Also are your Goods/Construction delivery inside your secure zone?

The delivery is not in the secure zone but where do I need to lead the passangers for it to work?
Can you like send a picture?

There needs to be a secure connection at either point I believe…

Both require sidewalks.

It says it is not a legal position to place the secure zones in.
Or do you mean I should move the building on the left and move down the delivery zones?


  • Build a taxiway between runway and the stand
  • Build a stand direct against the terminal wall
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@Jettuh built a wonderful design a few weeks ago with lots of stands. Have a look at his layout too.

So it should be possible to have a sidewalk leading to the stand?

Not done it myself but Jettuh has yes. I have mine up against the terminal building.

Sure, but the zebra has to end in footpath.

Ok, I’ll rebuild my airport and rethink my layout.

Thank you for your time.


Anytime. You can see some of my designs on the Wellington International thread. This is also a wealth of other players designs in players content thread too.

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Yep, that will work perfectly.

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