Security Checkpoints, Passport Checkpoints and Staff Rooms

I have tested both sides and I cannot find anything consistent
Security Staff will use either, but never the Staff Room near to where they are working
Should the Staff Room be Secure?
The Staff Rooms with the arrow upwards are Secure
The Staff Rooms with the arrow downwards are NOT Secure

In the second issue, there are the Passport Checkpoints at the entry to the International Zone
Again, the Security Staff will not use the Staff Rooms nearby (although it does mean they need to leave the International Zone, but there are exits for this)
Instead they go in the lift, down two floors to the Staff Room that is at the International Zone exit

Equally, Security Staff also use this route!
This means they need to pass in and out of the International Zone, which they do not need to do as they pass at least one Staff Room

Often, security staff is first looking for a restroom after finishing the shift. That’s why they probably won’t use the nearest staff room. Instead they instinctive knowledge knows which toilet in the airport is unused and they go for it.

The setup of your airport looks quite like a pathfinding nightmare with all those walls and elevators. For staff, try always to have some shortcuts (mark doors as staff only). :wink:

For security, I do the staff rooms only within secure area as I noticed, they prefer to enter the
checkpoints from that side.

The walls actually work very well, and direct passengers where I intend them to go
It also helps split up demand instead of all the passengers attempting to use one specific area

Equally, the elevators help split arriving and departing passengers

The airport (currently) services 43 stands

This might be the issue
I only have one Staff Toilet and it is in the Administration block

There are passenger toilets before Security, but they are quite far and between Check In and Security

There are toilets after Security, upstairs (Level 1)
These are closer
However the Staff Rooms on Level 1 are not configured for Security Staff
These are provided for
Passenger Service Agents
Ramp Agents

There are plenty of Staff Rooms for Security Officers on Level 0
I could therefore split them into two, with a Toilet at the far end

That appears to have solved two problems

The Security Checkpoints were very slow, I was unable to open the final third
As a result not all passengers had boarded by the end of the day

All the Security Checkpoints are now open, when they do close it is not for very long and the passengers do not abandon the queue
All the passengers have boarded all the flights in the last two days

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