Security Checkpoints Aren't Working

I’m new to this game and i think i’m doing something wrong but i can’t find out what, I’ve tried looking for forums and at youtube videos on how to security but it still doesn’t work. Can anyone help?

It looks like no one is working at your security checkpoint. You need 4 securities for the normal ones, 1 for the small ones.

Edit: And you probably need a queue as well, but I’m not sure, I’ve never tried it without.

I have 4 security members of staff like it asked me to get in the tutorials but they won’t do anything

Then it might be the missing queue. To build it, click on the checkpoint and “build queue”.
Sorry, I thought of it a bit late, so I edited my previous post. Should probably just have been a new one…

it means that your employees cannot find a path. Try look if they can even enter the terminal. Remember they cannot cross roads without a crosswalk and side walk is required for any path outside.



fwiw, queues are entirely optional.
I don’t have any at all in my airport yet, and everything works just fine.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile: