Security checkpoint to small stand [solved]

I have a small stand that is connected to a boarding desk, but it says that I need to connect it to a security checkpoint, but I do not know how to do that


Your boarding desk is placed in a secure zone right? To enter this secure zone, passengers need to go through a security checkpoint. And the secure zone has to be marked in the entire area between the security check and the gate.

Can you provide us a screenshot of your airport with activate zone overlay (z-key)? Then we can see what is missing. :slight_smile:

I have all stands connected to a boarding desk as well

There needs to be a path of secure zone, whether in terminal or on sidewalk, to the little blue in & out signs on the stands, from the check-in desks, for passengers to walk on.

That statement is hard to understand, but just read it part by part… Sorry :neutral_face:

So I still need a path even though it’s remotely connected?

If they are remotely connected then you need to set up a lot more infrastructure including buses. Or just make them terminal and connect them with pathing.
If you want to make the stands fully remote, then follow this guide:

Filling in for @andyc here :rofl:

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How should the passengers get to the stands?
A) By walking… then they need a sidewalk marked as secure zone
B) By bus? Then you need bus stops and service car stops as linked in the guide above

Walking over grass is not possible.

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How do I connect the path to the terminal?

Build sidewalk from the blue tiles on the side of the stands to the desks. Add a door in the wall where the sidewalk touches the wall. Then mark the whole sidewalk + door secure.


Ty, my stands no longer have any problems and I can now accept commercial flights


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